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Our Complete Footstool Collection

Our range of chaise ottomans brings a touch of comfort and sophistication to any interior. Available in numerous fabrics, they can be handcrafted to match your existing furniture.

As the UK’s Leading Chaise Longue Specialist, Simply Chaise stock one of the biggest collections of Chaise Longue around. With such a large range of beautifully crafted chaise, there’s something for everyone’s taste and style.

We added a gorgeous range of handcrafted footstools to our range.

Our Footstools are finished to the highest standard using quality fabric and materials. Made by highly skilled, experienced craftsmen and woman right here in Great Britain. We want to ensure quality and comfort on every chaise we deliver.

Original Designs

Our footstools online are originally designed by no other than our very own customers. Every footstool in our collection is customisable, giving our customers control over what their ottoman will look like.

You can view the shapes, fabrics and legs we’ve put together to give you design ideas. But when it comes to buying your ottoman, you have the freedom to choose from four different leg styles, five different leg colours and thick padding.

Reliable and Transparent Delivery

Creating handcrafted footstools to your desire, it takes us 3-4 weeks to give your furniture a sophisticated finish and have it delivered to your address. We send our clients an email prior to delivery to set a schedule where they would be available to receive the furniture. For our clients’ peace of mind, we only use our trusted and proven courier and offer a purchase tracking system.

So what are you waiting for, take a look at our amazing footstool collection and order yours today!